Our mission at La Riviera Maya is simple; we aim to serve our customers the best and most original Mexican food fusion with our Guatemalan roots. We do this by constantly improving our cooking techniques, updating our menu items and most importantly, listening to our customer’s feedback and making sure YOU leave satisfied by our food.



A family business that started as started as a small bakery and now has become 2 full-service food trucks and an upcoming restaurant which has become a part of the community. We have stayed true to our roots and continue to serve authentic Guatemalan food and pastries. We’ve always had a passion for the culinary arts and have been learning from top chefs throughout the years perfecting our recipes. We started 12 years ago with a small bakery, offering over 30 different pastries. From cakes to pan dulce. After a few years, we decided to take Mexican dishes and mix in some of our Guatemala culinary styles and take them on the road with our first food truck. Thanks to the support and love from the community, we are growing and soon opening a new location with new menu items to come in 2019. We are very fortunate and nothing pleases us more than knowing that our customers and friends left with satisfaction from our food.

Even though we offer a lot of the food consider to be Mexican, our culture and food share similar histories and origins. Under Spanish rule, typical Spanish dishes, such as enchiladas, guacamole, tamales, and tortillas, began making their way into the Guatemalan diet, hence the similarities in food from other Latin American countries. After our independence from Spain in 1821, banana and coffee plantations were established along with sugarcane. Banana and Coffee are a signature ingredient in many of our dishes and our coffee has been considered along with the top of the world.

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